Wodonga Photographer – Baby Mabel

Hello hello little baby Mabel! Welcome to the blog!

So excited to share this beautiful family with you all. I hope that as you scroll through these photos that you feel as much love as I did when I was in the room with them! Mabel clearly has two big sisters and a mum and a dad that love her very much!

She will probably grow up being clothed like a doll, fed different things playing ‘kitchens’ and always be the watched over baby sister…

What was it like for you when you were young? (Leave me a comment! Id love to hear a story!) I have one older brother who I know I was smitten with as a little girl of 4 or 5. And even though that may have changed over the years as we are now young adults I still remember the fun things we would do together! When we got a new fridge at our Wodonga home, we used the box to roll down the hill time and time again as in, with us inside the box! When we were still learning to count we would get old recycled food boxes and try and sell them back to mum and dad at our made up supermarket. Business people form a young age! haha

The journey growing up hey! Here’s little Mabel only 2 weeks old in life and already loved more then she knows. Just as we all did, she will go through life with different experiences that shape who she becomes. Isn’t it an amazing journey? Watching kids grow and learn and develop and change. What an honour to raise someone in this amazing world.

Im honoured to be just a small part of capturing this families journey. Just as I always am! I know that on little Mabel’s 21st birthday she will thank her parents for the beautiful photos they get to show of her as a newborn. She will always remember how loved she was from such a young age, no matter how they change over time.

To me photos are more then just a captured moment, they are a keepsake to treasure for a life time.

Enjoy some of these beautiful photos from Mabel’s newborn session

Much love, Kelsey

Umbilical Love Photography xx


Baby sleeping wrapped up in laceMother looks down at her newborn daughterNewborn baby in a basketFamily looks down at the newborn addition to there familyBig sisters hold there baby sisterMum and Dad look down at there newborn babyBaby sleeps with one hand under her faceTiny details of a newborn babyBaby sleeping from a birds eye viewBig sister pulls a funny face in the photo with her newborn sisterSisters sitting together for a photo

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