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I’m that gal with a camera and a mama intuition who is obsessed with creating your memories with you, not for you!

Hey Mama…

As a modern-day storyteller, my families come to me for more than pressing the shutter. They come to me so that they can (not just) see a picture and frame it but so they can feel it every single day and into the generations.


This lady has captured almost every major milestone in our lives. Jodie of Umbilical Photography Albury Wodongs is by far the best photographer we have used and we are so glad she’s back in the game!! If you’re looking for a personal relaxed baby or family photographer, get in contact with her! Can’t wait to see the rest of this session, thank you Jodie!

Keshia Marshall

Hi! I am Jodie.

I’m so honoured that you are considering a legacy photoshoot with me here at Umbilical Love Photography. 

I am all about creating memories with you and helping you to preserve those moments  well into the future for the new generation to hold tight within their heart. See ya floppy disc!

You can learn more about my personal story HERE (link to the about page) and how I got started with creating a legacy brand – why the moments really do matter to me and how my families that come to me are an extension of that and how I turned that experience into a local household brand that the community has rallied around and that I’ve been so honoured to be apart of the Albury/Wodonga community since 2012! 

I want you to have an amazing experience with Umbilical Love Photography, so you can rest assured that I will take care of #allthethings so you can relax and enjoy the experience!

I can’t wait to meet your family and alongside you, capture the magic already within…

Much Love,

Jodie xoxox

Capturing the moments that captivate your heart.

Family Photography Specialist

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