Professional Photography Wangaratta

Say hello to the Batey family who came all the way from Wangaratta for their professional photography!!

And what a gorgeous family they are! I seriously love working with this family because they are just sweet people.
We did Henry’s Milestone session when he was a bit younger, a family session, a Fresh 48 session for Oliver and his newborn session!! Talk about loyal!

On this blog id also love to talk about something really exciting (which you will hear even more about very soon!) I want to talk about Guarantees! Doesn’t just the word make your ears prick up? Whenever someone says guarantee you have their word that they will do what they say they are going to do.

Now I could say; I guarantee that you’ll have the most amazing photos in the whole entire world and you will win the cutest baby award because the photos are just that incredible! Ok, im being silly there, because photography is subjective. And the amazing thing about photography is that they are YOUR moments, no body else’s. I could say these are the most amazing photos on the planet in my eyes but really; its what they mean to you. The point is, no wish washy guarantees! Only guarantees that are true and I will come through on.

#1 – If you’re bub is not having a good day at your newborn session (which could be due to many reasons!) and its not controllable by anything we can or can’t do, we can reschedule and try again on another day. The guarantee is not that your baby will be unsettled!! The guarantee is that I will allow for you to reschedule bub in for another day so we can try again. This guarantee really comes from me never wanting to push a baby to breaking point! Sometimes there are unknown reasons as to why bub could be unsettled, so there is no point pushing and pushing and pushing so we can make it work. Baby always comes first.

So there’s number 1 guarantee of Umbilical Love Photography! – Now enough with the serious stuff! Check out some beautiful photos from this session!

Much love, Kelsey

Umbilical Love Photography xx

Family gathers around newborn baby sonBig brother gives little brother a big hugBig brother is fascinated by his little brother mum and dad enjoy a moment with their newborn sonDad holds newborn son in his handsDad and newborn son touch noses togetherBig brother hugs his little brotherMum hugs both of her sonsMum gives kisses to her newborn babyMacro of newborn babies eyelashes and noseNewborn toes and lipsNewborn baby smiles as he's laying for a photoNewborn baby laying peacefully all wrapped upNewborn baby all wrapped up Family holds their newborn baby

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