A Photographers Greatest Honour – Newborn Lifestyle Session Wodonga

Fresh 48 Photography – Wodonga Hospital – Baby Lola

This, is one of the greatest honours of being a photographer. Capturing moments so fresh and so raw. The moments that you can never get back and never re create. Being allowed into the hospital world when a miracle has just been born. Capturing new life in its finest and most pure form. Amazing. This is what I photograph for.

I simply love helping people capture what they don’t ever want to forget. The moments that will always be most precious to them that now will always be treasured in photographs. Its like a pause button on life. Pausing at the moments you want to remember most. And it’s truly an honour to be a part of a families life because of that. To know that one day little Lola will grow up and in 20 years time have photos of Nanna holding her who may or may not be around any more. Or of her big brother holding her who in 13 years time they might fight like teenagers. To hold onto these precious now moments.

From when I was little I thought that my brain would fail me when I got old and wouldn’t be able to remember anything, funny thought I know!! Once I grew and understood that I had a perfectly good brain and that it wouldn’t fail me for a very long time I still just wanted to make sure. I guess I was, and still am scared of forgetting my favourite life moments. Im scared that ill get to 80 and not remember the crazy times I had when I was younger. And I also want to leave a legacy, a trail for people to follow the path of my life, to learn from my mistakes and to re live some of my best life moments.

  • The craft party I had when I was 6 and I hated sparklers because I have a photo of me pulling a face at the cake that was on fire (not really, just scary sparklers).
  • The time when I found a green texta behind the couch and coloured my face in to look like a cat (I did not look like a cat haha)
  • My first day of high school and the really ugly shoes I wore that I thought were really cool
  • The size of my smile when I finally got my braces off after years of treatments
  • When I realised I really, REALLY, liked Caleb and the first photo we have together with crazy smiles and wide eyes
  • Running around in a paddock with giant animal onsies on with a bunch of friends
  • Racing around a golf cart chasing a wedding party with no idea how to drive a golf cart with Jodie

All these moments, captured for me to remember. You can’t fail me now brain!!

I really really hope my brain doesn’t fail me any time soon, just as I hope it doesn’t for you as well. But I have an understanding of how important it is to capture moments now and then enjoy them just as much. To remember them years on and laugh and smile again

This Fresh 48 session, Newborn Lifestyle Session in the Wodonga Hospital, was even more special when Lola was kept in the Special Care Unit for just a few days. Its these moments that I know the parents will never want to forget, but that the photographs will bring a smile of how beautiful their baby girl is, no matter what the outcome is.

Natasha and Mark love there baby girl Lola so much and I feel very honoured that they allowed me into their family for just a short amount of time

Enjoy some of the special moments we captured together in the Wodonga Hospital Maternity Unit

Much love, Kelsey xx

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Baby Name tag in hospitalGrandma ooks down at her precious granddaughter in the hospital


The time of day for a newborn lifestyle session in the hospitalMum breastfeeding her day old baby daughter in the hospitalSon looks up at mum as he holds his new baby sisterBrother smiles at camera as he holds his baby sister in the hospitalMum looks lovingly at her new baby daughterVisitors look through hospital window at new baby Mum holds new baby daughter in the special care unit of the hospitalOlder sister looks down at new baby sister with dadDad holds baby daughters tiny fingersMum and dad look down at new baby daughterMum and dad with new baby daughter in the hospital






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