Fresh 48 Photography – Wodonga Hospital – Baby Lola

This, is one of the greatest honours of being a photographer. Capturing moments so fresh and so raw. The moments that you can never get back and never re create. Being allowed into the hospital world when a miracle has just been born. Capturing new life in its finest and most pure form. Amazing. This is what I photograph for.

I simply love helping people capture what they don’t ever want to forget. The moments that will always be most precious to them that now will always be treasured in photographs. Its like a pause button on life. Pausing at the moments you want to remember most. And it’s truly an honour to be a part of a families life because of that. To know that one day little Lola will grow up and in 20 years time have photos of Nanna holding her who may or may not be around any more. Or of her big brother holding her who in 13 years time they might fight like teenagers. To hold onto these precious now moments.

From when I was little I thought that my brain would fail me when I got old and wouldn’t be able to remember anything, funny thought I know!! Once I grew and understood that I had a perfectly good brain and that it wouldn’t fail me for a very long time I still just wanted to make sure. I guess I was, and still am scared of forgetting my favourite life moments. Im scared that ill get to 80 and not remember the crazy times I had when I was younger. And I also want to leave a legacy, a trail for people to follow the path of my life, to learn from my mistakes and to re live some of my best life moments.

  • The craft party I had when I was 6 and I hated sparklers because I have a photo of me pulling a face at the cake that was on fire (not really, just scary sparklers).
  • The time when I found a green texta behind the couch and coloured my face in to look like a cat (I did not look like a cat haha)
  • My first day of high school and the really ugly shoes I wore that I thought were really cool
  • The size of my smile when I finally got my braces off after years of treatments
  • When I realised I really, REALLY, liked Caleb and the first photo we have together with crazy smiles and wide eyes
  • Running around in a paddock with giant animal onsies on with a bunch of friends
  • Racing around a golf cart chasing a wedding party with no idea how to drive a golf cart with Jodie

All these moments, captured for me to remember. You can’t fail me now brain!!

I really really hope my brain doesn’t fail me any time soon, just as I hope it doesn’t for you as well. But I have an understanding of how important it is to capture moments now and then enjoy them just as much. To remember them years on and laugh and smile again

This Fresh 48 session, Newborn Lifestyle Session in the Wodonga Hospital, was even more special when Lola was kept in the Special Care Unit for just a few days. Its these moments that I know the parents will never want to forget, but that the photographs will bring a smile of how beautiful their baby girl is, no matter what the outcome is.

Natasha and Mark love there baby girl Lola so much and I feel very honoured that they allowed me into their family for just a short amount of time

Enjoy some of the special moments we captured together in the Wodonga Hospital Maternity Unit

Much love, Kelsey xx

Umbilical Love Photography



Baby Name tag in hospitalGrandma ooks down at her precious granddaughter in the hospital


The time of day for a newborn lifestyle session in the hospitalMum breastfeeding her day old baby daughter in the hospitalSon looks up at mum as he holds his new baby sisterBrother smiles at camera as he holds his baby sister in the hospitalMum looks lovingly at her new baby daughterVisitors look through hospital window at new baby Mum holds new baby daughter in the special care unit of the hospitalOlder sister looks down at new baby sister with dadDad holds baby daughters tiny fingersMum and dad look down at new baby daughterMum and dad with new baby daughter in the hospital






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From a country city, young business woman, starting out in this crazy world

As I explained in my post I attended a 3 day Business Training seminar last week. This is a year long course that i’ve decided to do to boost my knowledge and enhance my skills around making a great business that truly serves the community I live in.

One of the things that we were asked to do, or should I say, challenged to do, was to write a vision statement for what we could see for our business. Easier said then done! I thought ‘well I want to take great photos’ and yes that is what I want to do BUT we were challenged to make our vision so much bigger then that. The creators of Apple Steve Jobs didn’t shoot low when he started out with Apple. His vision was to ‘Challenge the Status Quo’. This has nothing to do with computers, nothing to do with ipads, iphones, ipods. But I think Steve Jobs has achieved this vision very well. He didn’t just want people to have a cool device, he wanted to create products that would change peoples world and how they do life. Do you think he was successful? Do you own an apple product? I know I own a few!!

Here’s what I started with and here’s how I decided on my vision. I did over these 10 drafts to come to a statement with each word specifically chosen for a reason.

  1. To create imagery that releases a sense of pride in a season of life
  2.  To create tangible imagery that releases a sense of pride in any persons life
  3. To create timeless imagery that releases a sense of life in one’s life
  4. Creating a sense of pride through imagery
  5. Creating timeless imagery for generations to enjoy
  6. That no important life moment will be forgotten
  7. That every important moment will be remembered
  8. That life moments will be remembered for generations to come
  9. That every important life moment will be captured in its fullness
  10. That every important life moment will be captured for everything it deserves

All of these visions were great BUT they simply didn’t hit me in the heart. They didn’t pull that string that says ‘yep thats it’. So I kept brain storming and changing words and here it is; My Photography Business Vision

That Every Important Life Moment Will Be Captured For Generations to Enjoy

Break down
– Every – that all people would have the opportunity to enjoy the power of photography
– Important – the big moments in life that you never want to forget; Your pregnant belly, your precious newborn baby, your wedding day, you family moments. What is important to YOU to pass down through the generations
– Life – Our human moments
– Will be – my goal
– Captured – through photography and my skills
– Generations – For your children and your childrens children and their childrens children etc
– Enjoy – Either through a tangible product that has a life time guarantee or through timeless imagery that wont go out of date through trends

So there it is – My Vision – Something i’m proud of and something ill continue to work towards every day.

What’s your vision? To love your kids to your greatest capacity, to build a family with a strong set of values, to love your husband/wife and lay down your life for them, to be successful in your job/business, to enjoy every little life moment as best you can? I challenge you to have a think about your vision just as I have mine 🙂

Much love,

Kelsey xx

A Photographers Vision


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Fresh 48 In-Hospital Photography Wangaratta – Batey Family

Welcome to the new service by Umbilical Love Photography called ‘Fresh 48’ a beautiful in hospital lifestyle session when your miracle is not even 48 hours old!

I am so excited about this new service as it captures those super raw, honest, loving and precious moments in the hospital when baby is between 24-48 hours old.

When I offered this service to our Umbilical Love VIP’s, Abby jumped at the opportunity to have the moment captured where Henry would meet his new little brother Oliver. And thats exactly what we did!

How it works;

After booking the service for your due date (can be done on our website) I send you all the things I need to know when baby arrives including; what hospital you are at, when are visiting hours, what room your in, and most importantly, what your babies name is!

I then let you in on my super secret phone number aka my mobile number, and all you have to do from there is text me the info when baby arrives! Its that simple!

So you might be thinking, oh my gosh ill have baby brain and might forget to text you! Easily fixed, common dads its time to step up to the plate! Dad it’s your job to let me know when bub has arrived! Abby had an uncomplicated labour and was feeling fine to text me the next day! Cant say I wasn’t a little bit surprised but lucky her for feeling great just 24 hours after delivering a bub! Anybody else want that?

I then organise my day to come and visit you in visiting hours but more importantly, when you want me to come! Abby had set it up so that Grandparents bought Henry in to meet his little brother just after I arrived. This was the perfect way to capture all those beautiful emotions from Henry and really the whole family that you will probably forget in 6 months time!

You could also organise it to be when you do babies first feed, breast feeding or when family are all around. Its really about those moments that you never want to forget!

This session includes your In-Hospital Lifestyle Session, Call out and travel fee (Wangaratta or Wodonga Hospital) and all of the gallery images in High Resolution for just $595. A non-refundable $99 deposit is required to book your date and payment complete 7 days before your due date. I only book so many of these sessions in a month to allow room for baby to move. These bubs have a mind of their own!

Due to the nature of this session, I would never want a mother or family push themselves to have this service if the labour was extra difficult or came with complications. I will always put yours and baby’s health first. $495 of this service can be credited to a newborn session in case of not being able to go ahead with it.

So there it is! Fresh 48 In- Hospital Photography – Wangaratta Hospital or Wodonga Hospital

I hope this service gives those who want those special first days captured the chance to do so! If you’d like any more information please don’t hesitate to email me at or give me a call at (02) 6021 0545

Much love, Kelsey xx

Umbilical Love Photography
birth details of a new baby boyBig brother meets his baby brother for the first timebig brother meets his newborn baby brother for the first timefamily hugs and kisses day old newborn babyfamily together with big brother meeting little brotherbig brother giving little brother a kissgrandparents meeting new grandson big brother looks up at camera holding little brotherbig brother checks out new little brothermum holds her newborn sonmum, dad and toddler look at new baby brotherbig brother touches newborn brother on the nosegrandparents hold newborn son together newborn baby in crib only one day oldone day old baby poking tongue out

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Albury Newborn and Maternity Photography – Baby Harper

Its a double whammy! Maternity and Newborn Session that tells a beautiful story!

As you can see, we met little Harper before she was even born in her mummas tummy! Haha so special!

Isn’t the story of a how a human is created just so amazing?! It all starts when… well we know when it all starts haha… and then not long later you find out your pregnant! And here your baby grows…

According to at week 5 your baby is the size of a peppercorn, at week 9 your bub is the size of a cherry, at week 20 baby is the size of a small artichoke, at week 30 your baby is the size of a large cabbage, 35 weeks and your baby is the size of a honey due melon and at 40 weeks you baby is the size of a Watermelon! Definitely ready to come into this world!

To capture these fleeting moments is such a gift! They really are fleeting! Like 9 months on the scale of a life time is like a heart beat! So treasure it! Maybe not all pregnancy’s run so smoothly, but to know that you get to bring a human into this world is something like no other. Well done mums, you are amazing!

So then we met little Harper! And what a beautiful gift she is! She was so beautiful for us in the studio and made it so easy for us to capture her. I love all the curled up poses because it makes it look like she’s in the womb all over again, just now we can see her!

As you scroll, enjoy the journey that this couple has been on. Let the story play out in your mind and let your appreciation of new life flow

Much love, Kelsey & Jodie xx

Dad and mum to be hold pregnant tummyLovers hold baby to beMum holding her pregnant bellyMum and dad laugh togetherlady in black dress holding her pregnant bellycouple stands together holding baby in tummynew mum and dad hold there babydad holds his new baby daughter up to his facelittle baby girl curled up in womb like posebaby girl sleeping wrap in pink clothBaby girl curled up in white clothMacro of eyes and lipsLittle girl resting in a boxDad holding up baby girlMum holding her new baby daughterMum holding her new baby daughterMum and dad holding baby girl together

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International Womens Day is a day to celebrate every women! Don’t worry men – you’ll get your turn!

The first recorded Women’s Day was on March 8 in 1909 over 100 years a go! It was about fighting for women’s rights to work and be paid as equally as men.

Haven’t we come a long way?! Acknowledging that unfortunately we still have some way to go. But I thank the women over the past 100 years that have fought long and hard for me to be able to stand here today and be a proud young business women in the beautiful regional town of Albury. To me its something worth celebrating.

I look around me and i’m surrounded by amazing women every day. Whether its a pregnant mum to be or a new mum with her newborn child that I get the honour of meeting in the Studio. But its also the check-out chick, the lady who serves me coffee, the women that compliments my lipstick as I pass through her store, the young girl who waves out of her pram being pushed by her mum. Its all the women in the world, young and old that deserve to be celebrated!

I have to honour my mum who is one of the most amazing women in my life. Not only has she raised me to be strong, independent and ambitious, but she herself is also these things in many ways. Her wisdom amazes me, her heart astounds me. Thanks mum for being an incredible roll model to me.

Make sure you find a woman in your life today and thank them for being the women they are! Fun, loud, vibrant, soft, bright, loving, caring, fierce, strong, bubbly, crazy, terrific! Who run the world? Women! (And Men help of course!)

Thanks Women!!

(P.s Men are amazing to!!)

International Womens Day



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