International Womens Day is a day to celebrate every women! Don’t worry men – you’ll get your turn!

The first recorded Women’s Day was on March 8 in 1909 over 100 years a go! It was about fighting for women’s rights to work and be paid as equally as men.

Haven’t we come a long way?! Acknowledging that unfortunately we still have some way to go. But I thank the women over the past 100 years that have fought long and hard for me to be able to stand here today and be a proud young business women in the beautiful regional town of Albury. To me its something worth celebrating.

I look around me and i’m surrounded by amazing women every day. Whether its a pregnant mum to be or a new mum with her newborn child that I get the honour of meeting in the Studio. But its also the check-out chick, the lady who serves me coffee, the women that compliments my lipstick as I pass through her store, the young girl who waves out of her pram being pushed by her mum. Its all the women in the world, young and old that deserve to be celebrated!

I have to honour my mum who is one of the most amazing women in my life. Not only has she raised me to be strong, independent and ambitious, but she herself is also these things in many ways. Her wisdom amazes me, her heart astounds me. Thanks mum for being an incredible roll model to me.

Make sure you find a woman in your life today and thank them for being the women they are! Fun, loud, vibrant, soft, bright, loving, caring, fierce, strong, bubbly, crazy, terrific! Who run the world? Women! (And Men help of course!)

Thanks Women!!

(P.s Men are amazing to!!)

International Womens Day



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Yarrawonga Newborn Photography – Baby Norah

Hello cutie!! Introducing little baby Norah!

I love her funny little faces, I love her sleepy poses, I love her wrinkly toes and I love her petite lips!

These guys travelled from Yarrawonga for there Newborn Photography session and that deserves a big thank you!! Honestly, I really appreciate it when people travel. It shows how much you value what you are receiving.

It makes me think of the time my family and were on a family holiday and we travelled down the coast of Queensland from Cairns to Townsville. We originally started in Cairns and saw some amazing things, but then we found out about this beautiful park in Townsville. So we just had to do the drive! The destination was Paronella Park, I highly recommend the visit! Here’s some history; José Paronella arrived in Australia from Catalonia in Spain, in 1913. For the next 11 years he worked, cutting sugar cane initially, then purchasing, improving, and reselling cane farms. In 1924 he returned to Spain and married Margarita in 1925. The trip back to Australia was their honeymoon. José first saw this 13 acres of virgin scrub along Mena Creek in 1914. He eventually purchased it in 1929 for £120 and started to build his pleasure gardens and reception centre for the enjoyment of the public.

THE POINT OF MY STORY IS – we new the place we travelled to had something amazing to see and therefore value the family memories that we created there together. Like my parents kissing in the love tunnel and how it rained all day, and the giant eels under the waterfall! We valued what this trip would bring, just like these guys did.

Travel is worth it if the result is something you will value forever

Enjoy some of my favourites from this adorable session <3

Much love, Kelsey xx

Umbilical Love Photography

baby poking her tongue out at the camerababy sleeping on white blanketbaby curled up in womb pose while sleepingnewborn baby lipsdad holds his new baby daughtermum kisses her new baby daughtermum and dad hold their newborn baby together

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“Every time I look at you my heart skips a beat” – Jason A Hodges

What could be more true after this gorgeous Milestone session with baby Evie!

Kylie, Evie’s gorgeous mum, has invested in numerous sessions with us, maternity, newborn, hospital lifestyle, family and now milestone to be exact. And every time she comes I feel like she has more love for her gorgeous girls.

Yes, they probably drive her crazy sometimes, (dont all kids? haha) but as you can see, Kylie has some BIG love for her family.

Shout out to Kylie for being such a great mum! You go woman!

I had so much fun capturing Evie with her giggles, smiles and her fun faces! There are definitely some great 21st photos in here! Milestone sessions are so much fun!

As expected, I chased Evie around the studio capturing her sweet crawling, her cuddles with mum and kiss from her big sister. Now i’ll be honest, there were a lot of photos that didn’t work because I could not keep up with her pace and not to mention her very cheeky faces. But thats what Milestone Sessions are all about, just capturing your bub for who they are. Whether that be super active or super chilled, every baby is different. It really shines through their little personalities that have grown and developed in their very short amount of days on this earth. Its pretty amazing to follow the journey that these once newborns and now nearly one year olds have gone through! From barely moving at all (except their mouth when they cry haha) to crawling all over the place. Watch out mum, here I come! Let me at it!

Check out some of my favourites from her session and admire the gorgeous ice tiles Kylie chose to have in her home to treasure forever

Much love,

Kelsey xx

baby crawling on bed and looking at the camerababy sitting on the bed looking up at the cameramum holding two beautiful daughtersmum helping her little girl walk by holding her hands upbaby girl crawling towards mumbaby holding mums hands and looking a the camerababy being held up by mum walkingbaby looking back at camera with finger in her mouthmum and baby connected together through eyesbaby crawling along the groundbabys fingers as she crawls along the ground mum holding baby girl big blue eyes of baby girl looking upmum throwing baby in the air and catching herend of session baby crawls awayice tiles heirloom keepsake products

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Its time for the big reveal!!

Here you have Umbilical Love Photography’s IN STUDIO CLOTHING RANGE!!

Ive been dying to show you what we have available here in the studio for you to wear at your photography session with us and here it is!

Each item has been specifically picked to suit a glowing pregnant body – from tops to dresses, to over throws and skirts – we have it all in different shapes and sizes to suit your body in your session

We also have more In Studio Clothes to suit your body after you’ve had your baby so that you feel amazing in your newborn session as well.

Take a look for yourself! This is all available at your In Studio sessions with us to TAKE THE STRESS OUT OF YOUR SESSION!

After having a gorgeous miracle, clothing is probably the last thing you are thinking about so i’ve taken care of it all for you

Its time to feel gorgeous – its time to celebrate your body – its time to love the way you look – its time to capture your love for your miracle

Celebrate you and the miracle you’ve created inside you!!


Much love & Chat soon,

Kelsey – Photographer and Business Owner xx

In photography studio clothing range floral cardigan for overthrow in maternity shootslacey gown for maternity sessionswhite and black lacey topsindie white lace top for maternity white and black crop top for maternity clothing rangelacey crop top for maternity shootswhite flowey topblack cardigan for maternity shootstight stripy dress over a pregnant bellyflowy white singlet with lace topblack flowey overthrow floral cardigan to wrap around pregnant ladyblack floral topSimple white top for newborn sessionslittle cardigan to throw over singletswhite lace dress Black dress and couple together mesh skirt for maternity sessions lace dress hanging in front of windowmaternity dressfloral top for maternity sessionsmens shirts for photoshoots

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What a gorgeous family!! – The Batey Family

Now this wasnt just your normal family portrait session in the park. It had a purpose. And that purpose what to take a beautiful family portrait to present to their mum’s birthday. What mother wouldnt love a stunning professional photo hanging in their house of her pride and joys. Such a gorgeous gift and thoughtful idea! Photography is a gift that never fades, never goes out of date, never gets lost. Its always there, with very special moments.

After the special birthday, I popped Abby an email to see how it all went. This is what she returned with – “There were tears of joy when my mother in law received the photos, she was so thrilled! We couldn’t have given her a more perfect present – she already has the photos framed and hanging on her wall!”

So I eagerly asked if I could pop a couple of photos up on Facebook and the receiver of the gift commented with this – “As the Mum receiving these beautiful pictures, a most precious gift and a wonderful idea for young families to give their parents! Thank you my beautiful family and thank you Umbilical Love Photography!”

I just love capturing precious moments that a family will truly treasure!

Maybe its time to update your family portrait to?

Enjoy some favs from the session

Much love, Kelsey xx

P.s – I cant wait to meet Henry’s brother/sister very soon!

Family sitting together enjoying time in the parkDad and son smiling at camera in parkFamily Portrait of everyone together Baby boy with big blue eyes staring at the camera with his mumDad throwing toddler up in the air

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