North East Victoria Newborn Photographer

Check out the beautiful Newborn Session in our North East Victoria studio of gorgeous baby Charlotte!

What a treasure she was! So so tiny and precious.

One of my friends just had a baby (which you will see on the blog soon) and I continue to be amazed at these beautiful little miracles we call our kids. I try to get around to her house once a week to help her with bub and I have to tell you the story about my first time there.

After having some dinner together and then giving bub a feed the idea was that I would take bub and give mum a break for an hour or so, because all the mums out there know this gig can be tough! I was holding her while mum was in the shower and she started to get super unsettled. I tried every trick in the book but she was having a tough time. So mum comes back out with a towel wrapped around her hair, takes her for about 30 seconds and in that time she not only stopped crying but she also fell asleep! Making it an easy transition for her to slide onto my chest. I was amazed!!

There is clearly nothing like a mothers touch. Theres nothing like being home in your parents arms; even when you’re older. There’s no place like home.

Anyway, I just continued to be amazed by the miracle child in my arms, her beauty, her little lips, her hair and all her faces. All the features chosen perfectly for her. And I was also amazed by the strength of her mother. As a single mum and this being her first bub she was doing an amazing job.

So I take my hat off to all the mums, all the dads and all the bubs out there. You guys rock! You are raising the next generation. No matter how many times they cry, poop, vomit, chuck a tantrum, don’t do what you ask or be plain rude, you are still raising up the future leaders of this world! What a task, what a responsibility and what a honour.

Enjoy some special moments from Charlotte’s session. Her parents chose 3 Miracle Frames to hang proudly in their home to celebrate their little miracle!

Much love, Kelsey

Umbilical Love Photography xx

Framed photosMum and Dad look down at their new baby girlMum and dad cuddle and kiss their baby daughterDad looks down at his baby girlLittle baby goes to eat her dads noseDetails of newborn babyBaby sleepsMum cuddles her newborn baby girlNewborn toesNewborn baby smilesNewborn baby restingNewborn baby awake in dramatic pose

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