Family Photography Albury – Parker Family

Hey there Parker family!! I loved this Family Photography Session here in Albury Wodonga!

These guys were so so so much fun! Two little bouncing beans Sander & Temperance, full of energy. Dad who pulled a bit out of the tank to keep up and mum who wasn’t running anywhere! Rhiannon was over 30 weeks pregnant and was probably ready for a nap but she soldiered on.

But a seriously fun family.

These guys opted in for our Christmas Special which we ran at the end of last year. Check out the beautiful prints that they chose! Enough to share with lots of family for Christmas. Imagine grandma’s face receiving some of these beautiful photos!

For Christmas I gave my family the gift of a family photography session. Although not all were completely thrilled about the idea, I think they will love it! My brother and I are now young adults, with Bryce living in Melbourne. So I know my parents would love a family photo on the wall to treasure, especially when we get older and have kids of our own! How amazing! Ill keep you posted as to when we get it done. Don’t worry, ill be sharing heaps! I cant wait!

If you’re thinking about getting family photos done, or are umming and ahhhing if its worth it… I think these photos show how worth it they are! To have beautiful memories like this that you can treasure forever would be so special!

Make sure you contact me if you are thinking about it and I can take you through the options! Last year I released my new Investment Guide which has bought a whole heap more value to family sessions! The best time is now, don’t wait!

Enjoy some fun photos of these guys! (One of my favourite features was Temperance’s skirt! Pretty sure it was from Myer! So cute!)

Much love, Kelsey xx

Umbilical Love Photography



Printed Family Photos

Brother and sister run around mum and dad playing chaseychildren run up to their mum and dad for a big hugFamily stands together in the sunFamily looking at each otherFamily tickles each other laughingMum and dad laugh at their kids pulling funny facesBrother and sister play friendly togetherDad picks up his kids in the airKids kiss mums pregnant tummyFamily walks along with the sun shining through in the background Kids blow confetti at mum & dadLittle girl twirls in her white skirt

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