Family & Newborn Photography Albury Wodonga

Welcome to the blog little Piper! I so loved capturing your family in our natural light studio in Albury Wodonga!

I love this gallery! Its full of funny moments, soft and sweet moments but most of all real life moments. Its real life!

Posed babies are beautiful but sometimes those natural moments just win! Check out older sister Aurora picking her nose in the second photo. I debated whether to put it in the gallery but decided to in the end because guess what, thats real life!

The other thing I love about this gallery is how much love I can feel oozing through the photos. Liz and Dan were super in love and you could tell how crazy they were about their babies! Nothing I love capturing more!

So as we lead up to Christmas, 1 week to go as i’m writing this, what are you most favourite real moments with your family? Maybe its a Christmas memory where dad tripped over the dog and dropped the salad. Or maybe someone fell in the pool with all their clothes on! Grandad fell asleep snoring on the couch. Or maybe your favourite moment in just sitting and being with your family. Thats one of my favourite parts. Often in my family we start by all jumping in the kitchen to help mum with the cooking. And by jumping into the kitchen I mean being in there for about two minutes before we get in trouble for eating something we shouldn’t! And then we follow with a snazzy Christmas family photo, presents and probably napping in the afternoon. The best way to spend Christmas!

Here’s cheers to Christmas! The presents, the food, the dessert, baby Jesus, family, carols and bad bon-bon jokes!

I hope that this Christmas you get to enjoy some time with the people you love most doing the things you love most.
Merry Christmas everyone! I cant wait to capture some more special moments for families in 2018! (Cant believe we are there already!)

Enjoy some of my favourites of this beautiful family xx

Much love, Kelsey


Family looks down at new little baby girlToddler picks her nose as parents laugh on togetherBig sister holds her new baby sisterParents look at each other so happy with their newborn baby in their armsDad holds his baby daughter in his armsMum holds her little girl and smilesNewborn pulls funny faceNewborn baby wrapped up with toes sticking upMum and dad hold their baby girl togetherMum wraps her newborn baby in her armsNebworn baby looks up at camera almost confusedDetails of little baby girlBaby cries as she's about to do a poo

Wodonga Photographer – Baby Mabel

Hello hello little baby Mabel! Welcome to the blog!

So excited to share this beautiful family with you all. I hope that as you scroll through these photos that you feel as much love as I did when I was in the room with them! Mabel clearly has two big sisters and a mum and a dad that love her very much!

She will probably grow up being clothed like a doll, fed different things playing ‘kitchens’ and always be the watched over baby sister…

What was it like for you when you were young? (Leave me a comment! Id love to hear a story!) I have one older brother who I know I was smitten with as a little girl of 4 or 5. And even though that may have changed over the years as we are now young adults I still remember the fun things we would do together! When we got a new fridge at our Wodonga home, we used the box to roll down the hill time and time again as in, with us inside the box! When we were still learning to count we would get old recycled food boxes and try and sell them back to mum and dad at our made up supermarket. Business people form a young age! haha

The journey growing up hey! Here’s little Mabel only 2 weeks old in life and already loved more then she knows. Just as we all did, she will go through life with different experiences that shape who she becomes. Isn’t it an amazing journey? Watching kids grow and learn and develop and change. What an honour to raise someone in this amazing world.

Im honoured to be just a small part of capturing this families journey. Just as I always am! I know that on little Mabel’s 21st birthday she will thank her parents for the beautiful photos they get to show of her as a newborn. She will always remember how loved she was from such a young age, no matter how they change over time.

To me photos are more then just a captured moment, they are a keepsake to treasure for a life time.

Enjoy some of these beautiful photos from Mabel’s newborn session

Much love, Kelsey

Umbilical Love Photography xx


Baby sleeping wrapped up in laceMother looks down at her newborn daughterNewborn baby in a basketFamily looks down at the newborn addition to there familyBig sisters hold there baby sisterMum and Dad look down at there newborn babyBaby sleeps with one hand under her faceTiny details of a newborn babyBaby sleeping from a birds eye viewBig sister pulls a funny face in the photo with her newborn sisterSisters sitting together for a photo

Albury Wodonga Photographer

We had so much fun at this beautiful Sunset Maternity Photography session on the border of Albury Wodonga.

This family was simply fun. As you can see it took Kailen took a little time to warm up. Thats ok, kids can be shy especially when you have two people pointing big black things at your face! So we did some running, we let him play in the leaves and tried to not let him play in the mud haha.

But it’s fun to just get out and run around! Get away from the craziness of life and just enjoy some time together. These guys were enjoying time together as a family of three before number 4 arrived very soon!

That’s what these outdoor sessions are all about, getting outside and enjoying time together. We get your standard shots, you know, the one grandma loves of everyone looking at the camera… And I love those ones to! But I also love when we can play and have fun and pull silly faces and just be ourselves. I think this family got that down to a tee!

This session was a part of Teagan’s Work Experience week here at the studio. I think this was one of her favourite sessions because we got to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather as well. Sometimes I get stuck here in the studio and know I just need to get outside for some fresh inspiration. If you missed Teagan’s work experience week you’ll have to scroll back in our Facebook feed (click here to head to our Facebook Page) and watch some of our live videos that we did at some of the shoots! This involved moments of ‘ok you take the reigns Teagan, i’m going to do a Facebook LIVE!’. She was nervous at first claiming ‘she didn’t know what to do’ but her nerves calmed as I gave her a little push in the right direction (which you can here in the back of the video haha) and she took it from there! She is a natural and seriously had nothing to worry about! So together we came up with these beautiful shots that this family can enjoy forever. Love that this is a scenario where we all win. Family gets beautiful photos, Teagan learns heaps and steps up in responsibility and I learn about letting go and letting someone HAVE A GO! We sometimes just have to let people have a go and then be there to help if they are heading in the wrong direction. How else will we learn and grow?

Anyway, these are my thoughts down on blog so ignore me and let the photos speak for themselves! They say actions speak louder then words, I think photos speak even more then both! Shows such a beautiful story…

Leave me a comment with your favourite photo! Do you like sun flare or more natural?

Enjoy xx

Much love, Kelsey & Teagan

Umbilical Love Photography

P.s Chelsie is rocking our In Studio Clothing Range Floral Dress that you can wear for your maternity session as well! I say ‘In Studio’ but really I love this one outdoors! <3

Little boy gets chased by dad around mumMum throwing her little boy up in the airMum giving her little boy a big cuddlelittle boy running like an aeroplane towards the cameraMum to be looks down at her bellyPregnant mum to be enjoys a moment in the sunshinMum and dad kiss their little boy togetherCouple hold hands and walk togetherCouple sits in grass together with sun setting behind them

North East Victoria Newborn Photographer

Check out the beautiful Newborn Session in our North East Victoria studio of gorgeous baby Charlotte!

What a treasure she was! So so tiny and precious.

One of my friends just had a baby (which you will see on the blog soon) and I continue to be amazed at these beautiful little miracles we call our kids. I try to get around to her house once a week to help her with bub and I have to tell you the story about my first time there.

After having some dinner together and then giving bub a feed the idea was that I would take bub and give mum a break for an hour or so, because all the mums out there know this gig can be tough! I was holding her while mum was in the shower and she started to get super unsettled. I tried every trick in the book but she was having a tough time. So mum comes back out with a towel wrapped around her hair, takes her for about 30 seconds and in that time she not only stopped crying but she also fell asleep! Making it an easy transition for her to slide onto my chest. I was amazed!!

There is clearly nothing like a mothers touch. Theres nothing like being home in your parents arms; even when you’re older. There’s no place like home.

Anyway, I just continued to be amazed by the miracle child in my arms, her beauty, her little lips, her hair and all her faces. All the features chosen perfectly for her. And I was also amazed by the strength of her mother. As a single mum and this being her first bub she was doing an amazing job.

So I take my hat off to all the mums, all the dads and all the bubs out there. You guys rock! You are raising the next generation. No matter how many times they cry, poop, vomit, chuck a tantrum, don’t do what you ask or be plain rude, you are still raising up the future leaders of this world! What a task, what a responsibility and what a honour.

Enjoy some special moments from Charlotte’s session. Her parents chose 3 Miracle Frames to hang proudly in their home to celebrate their little miracle!

Much love, Kelsey

Umbilical Love Photography xx

Framed photosMum and Dad look down at their new baby girlMum and dad cuddle and kiss their baby daughterDad looks down at his baby girlLittle baby goes to eat her dads noseDetails of newborn babyBaby sleepsMum cuddles her newborn baby girlNewborn toesNewborn baby smilesNewborn baby restingNewborn baby awake in dramatic pose

Albury Baby Milestone Photographer

Hello Lily!! Thanks so much for coming in for your Milestone Simply Bloom Session here in our Albury Photography Studio! We loved having you come in!

Milestone sessions are so much fun! They are all about the cheeky personality of your baby! And a Simply Bloom session incorporates not just beautiful photos but a video as well! Thats right, you get to capture all those quirky things your bub does in a video allowing you to really remember those funny things in years to come.

This is obviously a very different session to a newborn session because at this age, between 7 to 12 months, bub is crawling, rolling, laughing, giggling and sometimes even walking! Mums and dads often tell us stories about their little one in the cupboard pulling out the containers or starting to climb up on the couch and hopefully not falling off again!! Lets just say, getting up to mischief if you ask me!

And they may not quite be talking yet but boy oh boy do they have a personality! Little Lily made this awesome face every time she got excited! It was so funny to watch! Both her parents weren’t really sure where it came from but that was simply Lily being who Lily is.  And thats what I love to capture, whether it be with photos or video, or both! Such fun.

You can check out a little sneak peak of Lily’s session on the Umbilical Love Facebook page in the video section. —> Click here! Parents have asked to keep the video for themselves to enjoy as it is such a special and personal thing, but they are happy to share these beautiful photos with you.

Isn’t she just so sweet? Those big blue eyes… That fluffy and soft hair… the chubby cheeks! Heart melting cuteness below!

Enjoy some of my favourites from this session

Much love, Kelsey

Umbilical Love Photography xo


Little one year old smiles at cameraDad hold his little girlBaby laughs with a big smile on her faceMum and dad look down at their beautiful daughterBaby laughs while laying on her tummyLittle fingers of a babyLong eyelashes of a babyBaby looks up at camera with big blue eyesMum holds her little baby daughter

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