Riverina New South Wales Newborn Photography

I loved having the Arnold Family in the studio for baby Jack’s Newborn Session! These guys came all the way from Berrigan in Riverina New South Wales for their Newborn Photography session in our natural light studio here in Albury.

I love when people are willing to really invest in their photography, which means travelling the distance with a newborn bub, and two young boys under 5! Good job Arnold family, you guys rock!!

I guess its like buying any sort of amazing product you are willing to travel to get the best of the best. We are pretty lucky in this area that Albury is a pretty big country city (as they call it) and we can get pretty much everything we need here. But there are occasions where you may have to travel to Sydney or Melbourne to get something really amazing. Maybe a new car for example.

Or maybe its for a different kind of investment for your University education or for your Job. Some things you just cant do here. Some things you even have to travel over seas for.

Im very blessed by the little studio I have here in the heart of Albury.

There has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears go into this studio and most of it not even by me and for that I am very grateful. But the investment has paid off and nothing amazing comes easy.

I hope that these guys are enjoying walking by the 3 beautiful frames that they have chosen to put in their home. I hope they really value the investment they made to have a beautiful tangible product that will truly last forever.

I wonder if these boys will have red hair forever or if it’ll change over time… I wonder if when these boys have kids if they will have red hair to… But lucky they have something amazing documented to remember their beautiful for all it is right now.

Enjoy a few favs from this gorgeous session

Much love,

Kelsey xx

Umbilical Love Photography


Showing how the ebautiful frames are made with careA beautiful family photo of everyone togetherTwo big brothers holding their baby brotherBrothers together arm in armFunny family photoBaby lying on the blanket sleeping Baby curled upBaby sleepingMum holding her newborn baby sonMum holding her newborn babyMum and dad holding their newborn baby sonbaby pulls grump face at mum and dadDad holds his newborn baby soon

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