Fresh 48 In-Hospital Photography – Wangaratta

Fresh 48 In-Hospital Photography Wangaratta – Batey Family

Welcome to the new service by Umbilical Love Photography called ‘Fresh 48’ a beautiful in hospital lifestyle session when your miracle is not even 48 hours old!

I am so excited about this new service as it captures those super raw, honest, loving and precious moments in the hospital when baby is between 24-48 hours old.

When I offered this service to our Umbilical Love VIP’s, Abby jumped at the opportunity to have the moment captured where Henry would meet his new little brother Oliver. And thats exactly what we did!

How it works;

After booking the service for your due date (can be done on our website) I send you all the things I need to know when baby arrives including; what hospital you are at, when are visiting hours, what room your in, and most importantly, what your babies name is!

I then let you in on my super secret phone number aka my mobile number, and all you have to do from there is text me the info when baby arrives! Its that simple!

So you might be thinking, oh my gosh ill have baby brain and might forget to text you! Easily fixed, common dads its time to step up to the plate! Dad it’s your job to let me know when bub has arrived! Abby had an uncomplicated labour and was feeling fine to text me the next day! Cant say I wasn’t a little bit surprised but lucky her for feeling great just 24 hours after delivering a bub! Anybody else want that?

I then organise my day to come and visit you in visiting hours but more importantly, when you want me to come! Abby had set it up so that Grandparents bought Henry in to meet his little brother just after I arrived. This was the perfect way to capture all those beautiful emotions from Henry and really the whole family that you will probably forget in 6 months time!

You could also organise it to be when you do babies first feed, breast feeding or when family are all around. Its really about those moments that you never want to forget!

This session includes your In-Hospital Lifestyle Session, Call out and travel fee (Wangaratta or Wodonga Hospital) and all of the gallery images in High Resolution for just $595. A non-refundable $99 deposit is required to book your date and payment complete 7 days before your due date. I only book so many of these sessions in a month to allow room for baby to move. These bubs have a mind of their own!

Due to the nature of this session, I would never want a mother or family push themselves to have this service if the labour was extra difficult or came with complications. I will always put yours and baby’s health first. $495 of this service can be credited to a newborn session in case of not being able to go ahead with it.

So there it is! Fresh 48 In- Hospital Photography – Wangaratta Hospital or Wodonga Hospital

I hope this service gives those who want those special first days captured the chance to do so! If you’d like any more information please don’t hesitate to email me at or give me a call at (02) 6021 0545

Much love, Kelsey xx

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