‘Na na na na na you cant catch me!!’

This Family Photos session was located on a beautiful hill in Albury Wodonga and was sooo much fun!

Not only did we play chasey but we had a running race (or 5!) and tried to find out who could pull the funniest face! Who do you think won? 😛 All the fun we had in this winter family session.

Now as you can see, it was cold, it was the middle of winter!!! And unfortunately we didn’t get a lot of sun but with a beautiful location and a beautiful family you really can’t go wrong! Especially when they are this fun and cheeky!

This session was one of the fun sessions I got to do with Abbey who was a work experience student that I had in the studio. She now knows what its like to run up and down a hill chasing the best angle. But it’s more then being able to take a nice photo, it’s also about interacting with the family to make sure they are having a fun time. The more natural fun they have the better the photos are that you will get. And I think in these photos you can see a whole lot of character and a whole lot of love.

Those of us who are lucky (or unlucky) enough to have siblings would remember the days of chasey, running around parks, climbing tress and really annoying each other most of the time! I know my brother and I have had our days…. But I also know that at the end of the day we would still do anything for each other, and we love each other, somewhere deep deep deeeep down in our hearts haha.

I say, treasure the time that you have together now. Michelle, the mum in these photos, kept saying to me that she’s been meaning to get photos done for so long so they can hang up something in their home and fill it with beautiful moments together. Take time to be together, treasure it and capture it to enjoy for years and years, and generations to come.

Enjoy some of my favourite from this session

Much love, Kelsey xx

Umbilical Love Photography



Family photo printed on an ice tileFamily walking together down the hillBrothers and sister tickle each otherFamily photo with everyone smilingRunning race with the familyA family playing chasey

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Welcoming the beautiful little Emilia to the Umbilical Love Photography blog!

This little one was a treasure to have in our natural light studio here in Albury!

Are you ready for a journey?

Emilia was over 2 months old when we did this session. Now most photographers would freak out at the thought because this is a completely different session to a newborn session. Newborns, typically between 7 and 14 days old when they do their session, still love to curl up in those womb like positions and they also pretty much just eat and sleep… oh and poop! Perfect for photography sessions! … Except for the poop….. So when a 2 month old comes along, I have to think about it differently. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing a newborn session older then a month or so. I mean, they are still a newly born baby! 2 months old is young haha! But as I said we just have to think about the session differently

Little Emilia stole my heart, and clearly her parents, as soon as she came into the studio. Those eyes! Just check them out for yourself! And don’t even get me started on the eyelashes, her lips and her chubby legs! IN LOVE!! She was super happy and smiley and was enjoying time with her beautiful parents and curiously discovering the new place she was in and the stranger that was pointing a black thing at her face (that me!). As the session went on she started to get tired (as babies do) and after a feed she really wasn’t interested in having a sleep, although we all knew it was what she needed (some babies just won’t listen 😛 )

Instead of us fighting her and getting frustrated that she wouldn’t go to sleep, or stay asleep, we simply let her be. And thats where the most beautiful photos came out. The moments when she was being cuddled and held by her parents, with her eyes half shut, but comfortable in their arms. She was in a place of comfort in that moment…

So here’s my guarantee, that even if your baby is older then the typical newborn session age, we will still get beautiful photos. 

“Who are you to judge that Kelsey?” – Well I know, because its sometimes in those moments when comfort happens that we get the best shots. Bubs just want to feel safe and feel loved. They are smarter then we think 😉

Whether your new miracle is 7 days old or 3 months old, its never to late to capture beautiful moments of them just how they are. Because we all know how quick they grow before our eyes

If you’re thinking about booking a session but are wondering if its to late, its not! Head to our booking page and find a time that works for you –> http://umbilicallovephotography.com.au/booking/

On a side note, these Miracle Frames are selling like hot cakes!! Jump on board to have these in your home <3 <3

Enjoy some of my favourites from this session <3

Much love, Kelsey xx

Umbilical Love Photography




Heirloom framed photosLittle baby girl resting in her parents armsBaby holding her parents fingersBaby smiling at her dadBaby with big blue eyes smiling at the cameraBaby looking at her fingersMum holding her gorgeous newborn childMum having a moment with her daughterBaby sleeping Mum and dad cuddling their newborn babyBaby sleeping on a blanketDad holding his newborn baby in the air and giving her kissesLittle baby girl trying to crawlBaby bootiesBirds eye view of a baby crawling

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  • Kelly MaleAugust 21, 2017 - 12:01 pm

    Oh, how adorable. Love your photos!ReplyCancel

    • August 24, 2017 - 5:05 am

      She was an adorable baby! Thank you!ReplyCancel

I loved having the Arnold Family in the studio for baby Jack’s Newborn Session! These guys came all the way from Berrigan in Riverina New South Wales for their Newborn Photography session in our natural light studio here in Albury.

I love when people are willing to really invest in their photography, which means travelling the distance with a newborn bub, and two young boys under 5! Good job Arnold family, you guys rock!!

I guess its like buying any sort of amazing product you are willing to travel to get the best of the best. We are pretty lucky in this area that Albury is a pretty big country city (as they call it) and we can get pretty much everything we need here. But there are occasions where you may have to travel to Sydney or Melbourne to get something really amazing. Maybe a new car for example.

Or maybe its for a different kind of investment for your University education or for your Job. Some things you just cant do here. Some things you even have to travel over seas for.

Im very blessed by the little studio I have here in the heart of Albury.

There has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears go into this studio and most of it not even by me and for that I am very grateful. But the investment has paid off and nothing amazing comes easy.

I hope that these guys are enjoying walking by the 3 beautiful frames that they have chosen to put in their home. I hope they really value the investment they made to have a beautiful tangible product that will truly last forever.

I wonder if these boys will have red hair forever or if it’ll change over time… I wonder if when these boys have kids if they will have red hair to… But lucky they have something amazing documented to remember their beautiful for all it is right now.

Enjoy a few favs from this gorgeous session

Much love,

Kelsey xx

Umbilical Love Photography


Showing how the ebautiful frames are made with careA beautiful family photo of everyone togetherTwo big brothers holding their baby brotherBrothers together arm in armFunny family photoBaby lying on the blanket sleeping Baby curled upBaby sleepingMum holding her newborn baby sonMum holding her newborn babyMum and dad holding their newborn baby sonbaby pulls grump face at mum and dadDad holds his newborn baby soon

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Albury Wodonga Newborn & Maternity Photography – Joelene, Brad and Louisianna

What a stunning family that I had the honour of capturing in our natural light studio here in the heart of Albury! From Maternity to Newborn, from bump to baby, it shows the story of how this precious miracle came to be!

Is there anything more precious to celebrate then the gift of new life?

International Midwifes Day was celebrated a while ago and I cant help but wonder where were we 20, 50, 100 years ago before all the equipment and knowledge that we have today?

So i’ve done a bit of study, (google knows everything!) and i’ve found some interesting stuff! Check this out! From Midwifery Today

17l6: New York City required licensing of midwives. Such licenses placed the midwife in the role of servant of the state, a keeper of social and civil order. Death during childbearing not accurately reported, but one historian estimated that birth was still successful 95 percent of the time. Men did not attend births during Colonial times, as it was considered indecent. Also, there were few doctors around. Women faced birth not with joy and ecstasy, but with fear of death and eternal judgment. One major reason that doctors were becoming more involved in birth was the decline of witchcraft. Doctors did not feel comfortable around witchcraft, and in the new colony, less was practiced. Women began to view problems in birth as a part of nature, where doctor ruled. 

Thats over 300 years ago! Look how far we’ve come! Now we have so many amazing services out there that can help women and families through every part of pregnancy. From getting pregnant, to the pregnancy stage, in labour, and post birth! Amazing if you ask me!

Some of the services that I get to work with include Barb from Albury Wodonga Midwifery Services and Sophie from Lets Hypnobirth Baby – two beautiful women servicing the local Albury Wodonga and Surrounding areas with their incredible skills! Barb has lead the way in opening up her own business home on Beechworth Road in Wodonga as well, making it all the more private and personal!

Here’s cheers to beautiful people helping beautiful people make more beautiful people!! What a privilege to bring someone into this world <3

Enjoy some of my favourites from these sessions

Much Love, Kelsey xx

Umbilical Love Photography


Pregnant couple cuddle with hands on bellyCouple cuddle in studio sesisoncouple cuddle pregnant bellyall hands on a pregnant bellypregnant woman in bra and undies in front of windowhappy new mum and dadlittle baby wrapped up like a ball of fluffface of little baby girllittle newborn baby with hands in mouthmacro of little handsphotographer nurses baby

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Say hello to the Batey family who came all the way from Wangaratta for their professional photography!!

And what a gorgeous family they are! I seriously love working with this family because they are just sweet people.
We did Henry’s Milestone session when he was a bit younger, a family session, a Fresh 48 session for Oliver and his newborn session!! Talk about loyal!

On this blog id also love to talk about something really exciting (which you will hear even more about very soon!) I want to talk about Guarantees! Doesn’t just the word make your ears prick up? Whenever someone says guarantee you have their word that they will do what they say they are going to do.

Now I could say; I guarantee that you’ll have the most amazing photos in the whole entire world and you will win the cutest baby award because the photos are just that incredible! Ok, im being silly there, because photography is subjective. And the amazing thing about photography is that they are YOUR moments, no body else’s. I could say these are the most amazing photos on the planet in my eyes but really; its what they mean to you. The point is, no wish washy guarantees! Only guarantees that are true and I will come through on.

#1 – If you’re bub is not having a good day at your newborn session (which could be due to many reasons!) and its not controllable by anything we can or can’t do, we can reschedule and try again on another day. The guarantee is not that your baby will be unsettled!! The guarantee is that I will allow for you to reschedule bub in for another day so we can try again. This guarantee really comes from me never wanting to push a baby to breaking point! Sometimes there are unknown reasons as to why bub could be unsettled, so there is no point pushing and pushing and pushing so we can make it work. Baby always comes first.

So there’s number 1 guarantee of Umbilical Love Photography! – Now enough with the serious stuff! Check out some beautiful photos from this session!

Much love, Kelsey

Umbilical Love Photography xx

Family gathers around newborn baby sonBig brother gives little brother a big hugBig brother is fascinated by his little brother mum and dad enjoy a moment with their newborn sonDad holds newborn son in his handsDad and newborn son touch noses togetherBig brother hugs his little brotherMum hugs both of her sonsMum gives kisses to her newborn babyMacro of newborn babies eyelashes and noseNewborn toes and lipsNewborn baby smiles as he's laying for a photoNewborn baby laying peacefully all wrapped upNewborn baby all wrapped up Family holds their newborn baby

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