Albury Newborn and Maternity Photography

Albury Newborn and Maternity Photography – Baby Harper

Its a double whammy! Maternity and Newborn Session that tells a beautiful story!

As you can see, we met little Harper before she was even born in her mummas tummy! Haha so special!

Isn’t the story of a how a human is created just so amazing?! It all starts when… well we know when it all starts haha… and then not long later you find out your pregnant! And here your baby grows…

According to at week 5 your baby is the size of a peppercorn, at week 9 your bub is the size of a cherry, at week 20 baby is the size of a small artichoke, at week 30 your baby is the size of a large cabbage, 35 weeks and your baby is the size of a honey due melon and at 40 weeks you baby is the size of a Watermelon! Definitely ready to come into this world!

To capture these fleeting moments is such a gift! They really are fleeting! Like 9 months on the scale of a life time is like a heart beat! So treasure it! Maybe not all pregnancy’s run so smoothly, but to know that you get to bring a human into this world is something like no other. Well done mums, you are amazing!

So then we met little Harper! And what a beautiful gift she is! She was so beautiful for us in the studio and made it so easy for us to capture her. I love all the curled up poses because it makes it look like she’s in the womb all over again, just now we can see her!

As you scroll, enjoy the journey that this couple has been on. Let the story play out in your mind and let your appreciation of new life flow

Much love, Kelsey & Jodie xx

Dad and mum to be hold pregnant tummyLovers hold baby to beMum holding her pregnant bellyMum and dad laugh togetherlady in black dress holding her pregnant bellycouple stands together holding baby in tummynew mum and dad hold there babydad holds his new baby daughter up to his facelittle baby girl curled up in womb like posebaby girl sleeping wrap in pink clothBaby girl curled up in white clothMacro of eyes and lipsLittle girl resting in a boxDad holding up baby girlMum holding her new baby daughterMum holding her new baby daughterMum and dad holding baby girl together

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